Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Marriot Ko 'Olina Vacation (beach) club

Tips and suggestions:

Checkout is at 10am and if you stay any later, you will incur a fee which they will call you the night before and leave a message with those details. You are able to spend the rest of the day at the resort though.

Check in is at 4pm, however if you get there early and by some chance your room is done, you may be able to get into your room earlier. We got there at 11:00 and our room was empty but not available and was told they will call us when it would become available (we went shopping for drinks and food in the meantime and was able to get into our room by 2)

Rooms at this resort comes in two sizes, one a one bedroom with a kitchen and the other one is a studio with a kitchenette which means it has a microwave, coffee maker and toaster as the default.  However, I came to find out that there are a lot of kitchen appliances that you can request in additional to the default, for example, a rice cooker - who knew?!?!? Yep, instead of using a microwave to make rice (which is completely doable and actually quite easy). Additionally, a rice cooker can serve as not only cooking rice but also steamed vegetables, pasta (Mac and cheese, spaghetti) and even wings and spare ribs.

Another useful mutli-use is a blender- to make those awesome frozen drinks and anything you can think off without involving an actual gas stove.  Or make a cream soup, Alfredo sauce, mashed potatoes, sauces (chimichurri), sparkling wine drinks, frozen banana ice cream (frozen bananas and some milk - soy, almond, skim or reg)

There are grill stations downstairs that are cleaned daily and a store on site for purchasing of necessity items however, as a caveat, everything in the store is 2-3 times the price as a regular grocery store (e.g., ramen bowls-$1.09 or $1.99 at a Safeway which is pretty high yet on resort expect to pay $5.50 or syrup, $2.49-it's $7.50, however, if you want to save, there is a Costco, Target and Walmart nearby to buy your week worth of meals for a price of 2 dinners at the resort).

Savings on site: upon arrival, you will not get this card, in your paperwork, they will tell you within
24 hours go to the 3rd floor to get a Marriott discount card

 which give you some savings for on site restaurants, ranging in a 5% for dinner and 10% for breakfast. Additionally, restaurants in the area, example: Roy's-free appetizer with a purchase of 2 entrees and Monkeypod- a free piece of cream pie with purchase of 2 entrees..I I will include a picture of all the discounts shortly.

Pool side tips: the resort provides floaty for adults and kids however to score one of these, you must get up early, one good thing is once you score one, you can keep for the remainder of your stay per the Marriot staff so you don't have to try to get one daily.  They also have some snorkels gear for kids and provide swimming diapers.  

This resort is located two resorts away from Disney, so if you want to check out the Disney resort, it's just a short way on the beach away. 

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