Airport Lounges

SeaTac centurion studio lounge located at terminal B3. Available through having an American Express platinum  

Entry area 
Food and drinks buffet


A variety of mixed nuts (regular and a spicy blend), dried fruits (Apple rings, figs, banana chips)

A raw vegetable bar consisting of snow peas, celery, cherry tomatoes, and carrots.

Hard boiled eggs, a fruit salad, an artichoke chickpeas salad, sandwiches (meat and vegetarian selection) and a soup of the day.

Desserts: mini cupcakes, double chocolate chips cookies (large), coconut macaroons.

Beverage: Alcohol are local wines/beers selections. There are sodas, a selection of teas, iced tea of the day and sparkling drink of the day, still and sparkling water as well as a variety of sodas (regular and diet) and an industrial size cappuccino/ espresso machine.

Seating/lounging: There are a variety of sitting options, from a bar style seat overlooking the airplanes to comfortable couches and leather chairs. There are even dark private couches to lounge/nap in. 

Overall, it's a beautiful studio lounge that has a warm cozy feel to it and is well kept. 

Alaska lounges:

The Alaska lounge in SeaTac airport is located in Terminal D. It is two stories and is always pretty packed and rightfully so. It is a 4 stars lounge in comparison to United or Usairways lounges. 

The pros about this lounge are: 
Lots of coffee to keep you going and a selection of syrups (regular and sugar free) and two levels of seating. 

They do have showers, private conference rooms that fits an entire family of 6 comfortably to private small rooms to allow for those business conference calls. There is also a bar on the second floor with decent selections and daily feature selections see below. 

Cons: the main room is always crowded, see pictures below. 

The food selections are very limited in comparison to a centurion lounge but definitely better than a United lounge or a Usairways lounge. Breakfast: there are hard boiled eggs, pancakes, toast and bagels.  Lunch: A small salad buffet available on their second floor. Available all the time are: cheese, crackers, mixed snacks, cereals and fruits (bananas, apples, oranges). 

United progress. 

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