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How to plan an independent tour to Rome, Florence and Venice for cheap (Page 2) !

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What I wanted to see:

I wanted to go to the Colesseum, Roman Forum, Baths of Caracalla, Cecilia Metella, National Roman Museums, Palatino and Palatino Museum, Capitoline Museum. So although I was only in Rome for 3 days, I bought a 7 days ROMA ARCHEOLOGIA CARD for € 23,00 (this pass get me entrance into all the museums and site located above) Note: there is a tip of where to get this ticket, do not get them at the Colesseum, the line will be ridiculous, go up the hill to the Roman Forum and buy them there, there will not be a long line as everyone is standing in the line at the Colesseum (I learned this from reading a tip of one of the guides) . The Vatican was separate (€ 15,00) and St. Peter's Bascilia (free). So now I have my list of things to do for a week compressed into 3 days. Below is sample of my itinerary for Day 2 in Roma.

Day 2-Vatican City and Museum/ St. Peter Square
8:00 am: breakfast included

8:30 am: Take Metro line A (Manzoni to Termini)

9:00 am: Palazzo Massimo

10:00 am: Palazzo Altemps (buses 30, 70, 81, 87, 87D, 116, 186, 204, 294, 628)

11:00 am: Crypta Balbi (bus largo di torre argentina)

12:00 pm: Lunch

Vatican City (buy ticket - $15) – opens until 6pm – spends 3 hours

- Sistine Chapel

- Raphael Rooms

- Etruscan Museum

12:00 pm: lunch / gelatto

NON SOLO PIZZAVia Candia, 4200192 Rome, Italy

2:00 pm: Basilica di San Pietro (free entrance) – 2 hours (closes at 6pm)

5:00 pm: Take metro line from Cipro to Lepanto
Castel Sant' Angelo - banks of the Tiber close to the Vatican.

Metro - Lepanto (Line A)

6:00 pm:

Da Francesco S.R.L. - Ristorante PizzeriaPiazza del Fico, 2900186 Rome, Italy

Total Transportation cost for Rome: transportation from airport to hotel and getting around Rome for 3 days: €22

Total Museums/Popular Sites for 3 days: €38

The following links will take you the details of each of the post.

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